The Car
1997 Corvette
Production: 9,752 Coupes
Engine: 346ci (5.7l) 345hp - Automatic
Licence Plate: Ontario PRNTR CA

This 1997 Coupe is one of only 1,341 Corvette Coupes manufactured in Artic White. It is in prestine condition with a number of additions to the stock car. An updated air intake system and customized muffler system increased the HP from the factory 345hp to about 380hp. The decals and the Canadian Flag were added to give this car it's very unique distinction. With a top speed of 175mph (About 280kph) this car keeps us FAR infront of the competition.

1997 Facts
Unlike past "all-new" models which had carryover engines and drivelines, the 1997 Corvette has a completely new engine driving a rear transaxle, a Corvette first. Virtually all interior, exterior and suspension components are redesigned for this vehicle.

The rear transaxle combines a GM-built, electronically-controlled four-speed automatic transmission with Computer-Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) with a limited-slip axle built by Getrag. Locating the transmission in the rear maintained nearly equal front-to-rear weight distribution (51.4 / 48.6 with automatic), and improves interior space by enlarging the footwells.

Wheelbase increased from 96.2in to 104.5in, length from 178.5'' to 179.2'', width from 70.7'' to 73.6'', height from 46.3'' to 47.8'', track by 4.4'' in front and 2.9'' in rear. Moving the wheels more to the corners increases stability and interior space. Weight is reduced by about 80lbs.

The Interior featurs large analog speedometer and tachometer gauges flanked by secondary instruments, with 'Black' lighting. Seats by Lear Corporation, are a new design, and were availabe in standard or optional sport. The handbrake is relocated from left of the driver to the center console. Stepover height has been reduced by over 3 inches.

LS1's composite intake manifold saves weight and improves air flow. Aluminum valve covers have separate ignition coils mounted close to each spark plug. Spark timing signals are sent by crankshaft and camshaft sensors. Dual knock sensors are mounted under the intake manifold. Firing order has been revised from 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 to 19-8-7-2-6-5-4-3.

Engine heads are cast alloy with identical ports. The camshaft is hollow for reduced mass. The exhaust manifold has two-layer stainless steel with an air space insulator to more quickly warm the catalytic converter for reduced starty-up emissions.

Wheel size is 17 x 8.5 front and 18 x 9.5 rear. Tire size is P245/45ZR17 front and P275/40ZR18 rear. Tires are extended mobility (run flat) with no provision for a spare. Suspension has short-long arm (SLA) design at each corner, also known as double wishbone or double A-arm. Springs are composit plastic front and rear, transversely mounted.

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