Challenging Conventional Thinking

www.Printer.CA can provide the following:

  • Centralized Manufacturing Facility in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art presses and DTP (Direct-to-Plate) technology,
  • Operational efficiencies of batch processing.
  • Consumer On-line quotation function in house and over the web with pricing structures adjustable to the customer/item level.
  • FTP space for file transfers.
  • Email Addresses that forward to your already existing email account.
  • Quick links from the main www.Printer.CA website to any already existing webspace.
  • On-line order entry for your customers at the item level with preconfigured templates.
  • High Speed internet backbone with a direct link to the internet utilizing our own internal ISP provider.

All of these points ensure that we are able to produce high quality print at a lower cost then the conventional QuickPrint shop. Utilzing this centralized structure, a Franchise contains no conventional printing equipment. This mean substantial lower start-up costs for the Franchise.

The competitive advantages of a www.Printer.CA Franchise include:

  • Four Colour (CMYK) printing - the fastest growing sub-segment of the market.
  • Single and Two colour printing for traditional Office Stationery Requirements.
  • In-house BW photocopy and Colour Photocopy center.

When a partial (bolt-on) Franchise is purchased, it adds services to an already existing Copy Center or traditional print shop.

Opportunities to own and operate your own www.Printer.CA Franchise are now available throughout Canada. Our selection criteria is very strict, in addition to the financial commitment. We would anticipate successful applicants to have a managerial, sales or marketing background. Above all, a Franchisee should enjoy meeting people and a burning desire to develop all team members of their operation to the maximum.

Store Overview
www.Printer.CA Franchise stores are typically positioned in 'secondary retail locations' either just off the main road or on busy main arteries and utilize approx. 800 to 1200 square feet. Very often they will be located nearby, or even adjacent to, other well known printing stores. By opening up near other print outlets, additional clients can be drawn to the store. All Franchises are granted an exclusive area.
  • Eliminating in-store printing equipment means lower start up costs
  • Store will typically attract 500+ new clients in first year of operation. (Based on level of marketing activities).
  • Average 1st year sales of $275,000
  • Established stores should show an average growth of 10-15% during first 5 years of operation
  • 75% of transactions are on a 'cash' basis which improves your overall cash flow

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The Print market
There are basically 4 sectors in the printing market
  • Desktop - Includes items that are produced by the end user themselves as well on their internal equipment.
  • Digital Services - Includes items that are produced by the conventional digital duplicating centers. This can be an integral part of the www.Printer.CA Franchise if you desire. However, remember that the Desktop sector is ever encroaching on this type of service and the competition is severe.
  • General Print - This represents the bulk of office stationery, medium and long runs on 1 and 2 colour presses. Usually single or spot colour printing
  • Commercial Printers - This sector is mostly long runs, multiple page and full colour printing. As most printers usually try to grow-up into this sector it is suffering from a nationwide overcapacity.

www.Printer.CA focuses directly on the General Print sector and can provide all of the services that it offers. By linking to a central manufacturing facility we can intrude on the Commercial Print market with ease. And if the Franchisee wants to increase the day to day business they can add a number of different Digital equipment and become a full service printing environment.
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The Manufacturer/Wholesale approach
The end user's (client) needs are solved by a culmination of creative ideas, graphic design and a chosen printing format to produce a superior product. While a Franchise can create any product they wish, in reality, most products are based on a template, of sorts. The pricing structure and ease of use quotation system, will ensure that requirements will conform to existing solutions. Our expanding database of products will also ensure we move into the future together.

With a multitude of product offerings the need to give out individual quotations is eliminated. The system is preloaded with product and reasonable resale pricing and offers a reasonable profit for the Franchise to meet his/her profit goals. If the average price in your market segment and/or trading area are substantially different, then the pricing structure for your accounts (and web presence) can be adjusted by classification (all the way to the item level) from your desktop without any interference.

With a mostly cash based business, you can offer a multitude of products without a major equipment OR inventory commitment. These are the requirements for success.
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The www.Printer.CA Product Offering